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Window To The World

Home office perched near a window.

This image is from Katy Elliott, a personal journal site (aka blog) about restoring a 250+ year home in Massachusetts. She writes about her need for mid-height shutters for street level windows, but I’m more intrigued by this home office that is perched near her view to the world. Her beautiful artisan desk is sparse and clean with just the necessities – laptop, black & white globe, a few reference books, a picture, envelope holder. The companion Eames aluminum chair is one of my favorite and together, the entire ensemble is subtle, elegant and modest. Even with a little attention, you can have a designated space that really catches your attention. Remember, “less is more.” This reminds me that I really need to purge my desk.

The shutters may help create privacy, but the simple pivot of the blinds provide a new look on life. Keep a view of the outside while sitting at your desk. You’ll find yourself tilting your head up every so often for the break. It’s a mental refreshment!

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Out in the Field – Field Notes products

Field Notes products made in the USA

I’m taking a moment before I have to get ready for dinner to write a few posts for The Desctop. My absence from the blog is due to an overwhelming amount of tasks with my real job (yes, I finally have one) and I’m eager to share some great new finds for your home and/or corporate office.

I’ve been subscribing to more blogs and web sites that promote great products, design and merchandise. One such rare find is A Continuous Lean – a self proclaimed site that is about “American things, good looking things, well designed things and all sorts of other things.” I love it! The man behind the genius is Michael Williams, the savvy PR mind behind the small shop Paul+Williams. He’s a curator of great design and you can now buy his choices directly at his web site A Continuous Lean.

Among the small collection of hand-picked brands, Williams is supporting Field Notes, the flashback inspired stationers of old-fashioned memo books and classic pens and pencils.  The Draplin Design Company of Portland, Oregon and Coudal Partners of Chicago, Illinois bring you a small collection of simple products that complement any desk, modern or traditional. I bought my first memo book while out shopping at J.Crew one day. Funny how the small little accessory fit perfectly with the spring awakening of the store’s new collection of new American classic menswear. As a sidenote, I’ve fallen in love again with J.Crew for both casual and office clothes.

The 18-month calendar, the set of six pens, old school No. 2 pencils, and the three-pack pocket notebooks are all available at ACL. Be sure to check them out. It’s amazing how the little things on a desk will make a great impact. It’s a quick way to add your POV to a rather simple worksurface.

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G Marks The Spot

g sake packaging is a perfect way to personalize your desktop

g sake packaging is a perfect way to personalize your desktop

By no means am I encouraging drinking while on the job, but even in the heyday of advertising as depicted on AMC’s Mad Men, there seems to be a rather enticing and polished appeal to the office mini bar. Perhaps a drink before a meeting was an acceptable way of getting the creative juices flowing or was the appropriate ice breaker for stressful presentations. Admittedly, that lunchtime libation from long ago provide only one sure thing  – the flowing of my slurred speech.

Instead of pouring, try displaying some unique bottles that provide a unique accessory to your work space. This simple, yet stunning design from the Oregon-based company, SakéOne, is a great bottle to have on your desk…especially if your first or last name starts with the letter G. G Sake can be ordered directly from the producers (http://www.sakeone.com/sakeone/catalog/index.jsp?cat_id=1003) or you can find it at your local Cost Plus World Market. When personalizing your space, look for items that might not necessarily be deemed traditional for your office. I really like black accents and accessories for the typical 10×10 white office or cubicle. Contrasting colors make for a dramatic effect, especially when most of your accessories are the same color, leaving a great impact.

Creativity sparks creativity, so be sure to find items that go well beyond the standard silver pencil holders and tape dispenser. In this case, a finely dressed bottle marks the spot for a design savvy worker.

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