Green and Blue, Polished – Parsons desk

Parsons desk from West Elm

Parsons desk from West Elm

You might think that you’re limited to standard colors when choosing your home office desk. I know I did. My desk is a traditional black beast that I purchased during my post-college stint at Restoration Hardware when I had my first big boy apartment and zero furniture. Black, maple, oak, and pine were my limited options. Little did I know that you could take the piece to a refurbisher or painter and have it sprayed for about $90. In my opinion, the extra cost is great for something unique in your private space. Imagine the possibilities – a high-gloss candy apple red, a matte battleship gray, or a caramel brown.

If the task of coordinating the paint job seems too complicated, then try these great simple, streamlined wood desks from West Elm. The Parsons desk is available in polished white, polised black, chocolate, and my favorite, polished wheatgrass. I especially like that the gloss appearance makes for a very contemporary look and accentuates a space with a tailored finish. Equipped with two pencil drawers, use one for clutter, the other for your bluetooth keyboard.

Parsons desk in polished wheatgrass

Parsons desk in polished wheatgrass

The wheatgrass green color might seem a bit bold and risky, but pair it with light blue accents to stabilize its richness. Something about the color combination is very soothing to the eye and a great contemporary offering for a rather simple space, such as a home office. For those of you in apartment living, the quickest way of adding color is with your furniture. I remember wanting to paint my first apartment, but the landlord insisted the walls remain white and my wallet preferred it too. Find two colors that go well with each other and apply them to your living space.

Take a look at West Elm’s complementary rustic block side tables. One would be the perfect companion to the Parsons desk. Use it as a printer table or a side stand for displaying a great plant or floral arrangement. Personally, I would use the wheatgrass desk with the polished light pool blue table to anchor a wall as a focal point. The desk would be accented with light blue accessories that would complete the two color scheme.

Rustic Block Side Table from West Elm

Rustic Block Side Table from West Elm

I think it’s about time my black desk is delivered to my painter for something bold and exciting. Until then, I’ll dream in color, especially polished wheatgrass and light pool blue.

West Elm’s Parsons desk is priced at $299 and can be purchased online at

The Rustic Block Side Table is $99 and available at


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3 responses to “Green and Blue, Polished – Parsons desk

  1. Katie

    The green desk is no longer offered at West Elm. Do you know where I can find it or something very similar? It is exactly what we want. Thanks.

    • thedesctop

      Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other retailers with this particular desk. You can buy a similar desk (IKEA) and then have it powdered sprayed with a color that you may want. A furniture repairer/refinisher should be able to do this for you for about $100 or less. What I like about this option is that you can then actually pick the color green that might have a slight variation of the green offered at West Elm.

      • Nadia

        I have a friend who is selling this desk (because she inherited her Dad’s desk after his death) and she’s had it under 2 years and it’s in excellent condition! If interested, let me know. Nadia

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