One Ringy Dingy – Cell Phone Headset


Old School headset for your cell phone

I was reminded of Lily Tomlin’s infamous character Ernestine last weekend when my closest friend was likened to the comedian at a dinner party. A far cry from a complement, but some people seem to think that looking like any celebrity is a good thing. The visual came to mind again when coming across this funny, yet practical accessory for your cell phone. More and more businesses are opting for one mobile phone rather than a traditional land line at the desk. I have to admit, I only have my cell phone and when working with my clients in their own office, my mobile is my connection to vendors and colleagues. After awhile, it does get old holding the tiny iPhone up to my ear. I despise the look of ear plugs, but often sport the look for convenience.

Here’s another option you might like to explore. The Curiosity Shoppe sells old school phone headsets for your cellular gadget. You can acquire an adapter for your specific make of the phone. I think it’s a great pop art piece for your desktop and with Google soon offering one single number for all of your phones, I’m sure you’ll be using your mobile even more for work purposes.


Turn your cell into that important red phone

Available in black or red for $45. Adapters are $9. Buy from

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