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Tom Ford's Japan Noir

Tom Ford's Japan Noir

Hear me out. Pick one of your favorite scents and keep it at your desk. I always found it interesting that many of my favorite colognes are packaged in great bottles that rarely see the light of day, figuratively and literally. It’s advised that you keep your fragrances in cool and dark places to uphold their integrity and potency. Most of mine are either in the closet or placed on the bedroom dresser…all but one. I keep one bottle at my desk for a few reasons. As I was saying, I like the look of the bottle on a desk because it looks like something special. At some point during the day, I like the smell of a slight spritz of the scent acting like a room diffuser or air freshener. Lastly, it’s practical to have a bottle at your desk so you can lightly spray on your forearm or neck before leaving the office for a client meeting.

Don’t over do it. Find a perfect balance and you’ll be sure to impress your coworkers and clients with a “je n’ai sais pas” quality. Here are a few of my favorite asexual scents.

Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma

Jo Malone Cologne 154

Jo Malone Cologne 154


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