Zoom Zoom Keyboard – Elecom Keyboard


Add some gloss to your desktop with Elecom's keyboard

Even with a laptop computer, I still use a full size keyboard when docked at my desk. It’s comfortable using a 10-key for managing budgets and I still prefer the delete key versus the backspace button. Yes, it’s odd. The other reason for using a keyboard is…well, for the look. Yes, I know it’s shallow, but my matching aluminum keyboard is the perfect match to my MacBook Pro and I revel in the streamlined aesthetic. I’m hoping you might have the same finicky taste. Here’s another option to consider. Japan’s Elecom Technology produces these high gloss USB keyboards that add a nice splash to any desktop. I especially like the silver color, but the basic white and black provide the added flair for something special. At just about $110 USD, it’s a small investment, but we all know that it costs to look good.


Elecom's glossy "crystal" USB keyboard

Order yours from www.geekstuff4u.com.


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