Just Ripe – Succulents

Succulents make for easy green in the office

Succulents make for easy green in the office

Fake succulents for those without a green-thumb

Fake succulents for those without a green-thumb

Plants in the office is a flashback to my mother’s ferns in crochet holders hanging from the ceiling. The granola days of the 70s is not a time I wish to experience again and it’s definitely not appropriate for the business world. I understand the desire to keep something green and living in the office, but you should really be selective in what you decide to keep deskside. An orchid is a great choice, as is fresh cut flowers. However, if you’re in need of something that will last longer than a week but requires little maintanence, try creating a succulent garden for your desk. Succulents require very little water and light making it idea for your office. Water the plant once a week and if you are keeping a tableside caraffe like I suggested, the task is rather simple. If you still lack a green-thumb, Crate and Barrel offers a variety of fake succulents that actually look quite real. Also, be sure to pick a pot with clean lines. Avoid anything “too cute” and “adorable.” Rather, pick a square ceramic pot, a black tin box, or a nice small terracota for contrast on your desktop.

Some quick “lessons learned:” Find a cactus soil that is dry rather than an organic potting mix that attracts little bugs. If placed near a window, watch out for plant burn and water twice a week. Roots need oxygen as well, so make sure the soil is dry before the next watering.

Please avoid the urge to go “Santa Fe” with this. A cactus is not acceptable. If you’re too afraid of tending to a living thing (I hope you don’t have kids) then go to crateandbarrel.com for the fake yet realistic option.

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